"Change and Creativity: A Week in the Life of Dreambows" - DreambowsUK

"Change and Creativity: A Week in the Life of Dreambows"

"I've been quite busy this week, shooting lots of videos featuring new designs that will soon be available in my shop. I've also created 16 video tutorials that will soon find their home on YouTube once I've finished editing them. Stay tuned for some exciting content"
I'm really pushing myself to get as creative as I can with the skills I have, all in an effort to get Dreambows in front of mums, crafters, and anyone who wants to be part of Chapter 10. From transitioning between Etsy and Shopify to promoting my products independently, it's a challenging journey, but I'm embracing it.
I hope you'll start seeing more of my work in your news feeds, and if you do, a like, thumbs up, or a friendly hello would mean the world and help support this little journey of mine. I'm excited to see what the week ahead will bring. 🌟🎥💪 #DreambowsJourney #CreativeChallenges"
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