"My set up for creativity and inspiration" 🎀 Some great news too! - DreambowsUK

"My set up for creativity and inspiration" 🎀 Some great news too!

This week was all about capturing photo's and video's to continue my journey into the art of storytelling through visuals. I think I'm doing ok. My friends and family keep complimenting on how lovely they are, and since they're my biggest fans, I'm feeling confident and good about how I'm doing.

Dreambows - Light box - blog post


I use light boxes for my photo's and video's, I like the whitened background for my product pictures for the clean and simple look, no distractions and a true colour visual.

For my quick video's I use a bigger light box which has plenty of room to get my hands in there and show off each design. And for my tutorial video's I use an over head boom to hold my phone with lights above me to make them as bright as possible. I like my little set up, But once a week is enough time spend on video's, it takes some time to set up and organize myself 😊

So now I have video's and photo's to keep me going for the week what does this week have in store? Wherever the week takes me as always 🥰


Some great news to end on!

This site that I built all by myself made sales this week :) It's worth a celebratory mention in this weeks blog I feel. If you know me then you'll know that a website has always been at the top of my 'want to do' list, but I never did because I thought I couldn't. 

Be the girl who decided to go for it.

Until I asked myself, What do you have to loose?

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