"Welcome to Dreambows, where it's just me, Shelly, at the heart of it all.

This shop is deeply personal to me, as it was born from a dream a decade ago – a dream of being a stay-at-home mum while sharing my passion with the world. Since 2012, I've been creating and selling my unique bows worldwide. Love for what I do shines through every piece I craft, and I believe you'll feel that warmth too. My work is my reputation, and I take great pride in it.

From a desk tucked under the stairs to a little space upstairs for sewing, everything is done right here at home. My humble home is transformed into a bustling workshop with boxes upon boxes brimming with bows and supplies. Every drawer is filled with beautiful ribbons, shelves are full with fabrics, and my home is my sanctuary for creativity and contentment.

My website is a true labor of love. Just five months ago, I knew very little about web design, and now, I've built a website that I'm proud of, all by myself. Of course, the amazing worldwide web has been a fantastic teacher, answering my every question. It's been an incredible journey of learning and growth.

I invite you to explore my store and join me as I embark on the exciting Chapter 10 of Dreambows in 2024. Follow me on social media and subscribe to my mailing list to stay in the loop. With every design being one-of-a-kind, you can expect to discover new creations daily. I'm on a mission, and I would be thrilled if you joined me on this extraordinary adventure."

Best wishes,