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2x Cerise pink and black chevron bows on thin bobbles

2x Cerise pink and black chevron bows on thin bobbles

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  • Cerise pink, black and blue
  • Chevron
  • Thin bobbles
  • 7cm x 5cm
  • One of a kind design

Add a pop of colour to your style with these unique chevron bows on thin bobbles! Perfect for those looking for an eye-catching accessory, these two Cerise pink and black bows will help you stand out.

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"Elevate their Look with Chevron Bow Designs Today!"

"Embracing Chevron: While floral designs offer endless fabric and ribbon choices, chevron patterns encourage creativity through resourcefulness. I've stretched the limits of this classic pattern to craft numerous unique designs. However, there may come a day when even the trusty chevron reaches its creative limits. But don't worry, when that day comes, I'll embark on new journeys in search of fresh inspirations."

"Chevron for School Style: Through the years, I've discovered that many customers opt for chevron designs to complement school uniforms. The vibrant royal blue and white combination perfectly complements several school dress codes. It adds a touch of uniqueness to the uniform, creating a one-of-a-kind look just for her, setting her apart in a delightful way from the sea of plain colours."

"Discover Your Favorite Today, Before It's Gone Tomorrow

In the world of Dreambows, each design is a unique masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind piece that sets me apart. It's this uniqueness that I cherish most about my craft. With new inspirations around every corner, every day brings something different. So, don't wait too long – choose your favorite today. If you don't find something that speaks to you now, remember that new designs grace my site daily, making it a fresh experience every single day."

"Your Little Ones are my Inspiration

My website and social media are filled with treasured photos sent in by my wonderful customers over the years. These photos are a testament to my work and mean the world to me. Your support keeps me creating these beautiful bows for your daughters, granddaughters, and little ones you hold dear.

I'd love for you to share their hair with me and grant permission for me to showcase your cherished moments. Whether it's an action shot, a radiant smile, a cheeky grin, or a charming ponytail from behind, your photos are an integral part of my small business. If your little one is wearing a Dreambow, let her be a part of my story and feature here, becoming a part of the Dreambows story forever."

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"Join Me on This Creative Journey!

I'm thrilled to share my creative process with you across my social media platforms. Get sneak peeks of new designs, enjoy giveaways, crafty tips, and more. I upload weekly videos on YouTube, bringing to life the very bows you find in my shop. Video tutorials have been a dream of mine since I began in 2012, and it's only recently that I've discovered the creative spark of video editing. While I'm not a pro, I genuinely enjoy it and want to spread my love for crafting far and wide. My goal is to teach and inspire others while expanding the reach of Dreambows.

Your support on Facebook and Instagram means the world to me. You'll find a treasure trove of collections on Pinterest, spanning a decade of creativity. TikTok is a learning journey I'm embarking on. Your support and presence are invaluable, and I truly appreciate it. Let's connect, create, and inspire together!"